Matthew 7:13-14 says that the narrow way leads to life and that the broad way leads to destruction.  Matt. 6:22 and Luke 11:34 (in the New Living Translation) say that a “pure eye” lets sunshine into the soul. Oh Lord, please purify me so that You can pour sunshine into my soul!

Saturate me with Your Word

And fill me freshly with Your Spirit, Lord.

Let me reflect Your grace

As I earnestly seek Your face.

Teach me to love and pray

And walk in Truth—Your narrow way.

You lead where it’s best.

In Your wise counsel I rest.

I used to seek the easy things, or comfortable, or what seemed “happy” to me.  I tried to please others so they would approve of and appreciate me.  Today I decide to quit seeking those things.  Instead, I want to take up my cross and follow Jesus.  I can only do that with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit working in me.  Without His help, I’ll be like the rubber band that snaps right back to the old shape when the pressure’s off.

Heavenly Father, let these phrases from an old chorus be true of me:  I’ve “decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.  Though none go with me, still… follow.”  With Your help, I’ll keep my eyes on Jesus, the faithful and true One, Who begins and completes my faith.  I’ll ignore the distractions of the easy and comfortable, or what seems to please my flesh or other people.  If I wander off into my own way, please bring me back into the path of discipleship to Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Jer 2:13 NLT “For my people have done two evil things: They have forsaken me — the fountain of living water. And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all!”

Heavenly Father, so often I’ve ignored You and acted foolishly, seeking to “dig my own cisterns” (find happiness and fulfillment my way).  How often You’ve spoken, and I didn’t heed!  Or I’ve started in the path of righteousness and let myself be pulled away.  Please forgive and purify me. Keep me thinking about You, listening for Your voice.  Amen.

Listen to Jesus

Jesus, please help me listen to You and quickly obey

And keep eternity in view and walk in Your way.

Your sheep hear Your voice.  Speak Lord, and open my ears.

Lead and guide me by Your Word.  I will follow as I hear.

Copyright by Tricia Opitz 5/24/10


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