Song of the Lilac

(This is a poem I wrote in 1999 after I had done a little research on one of my favorite spring flowers–the lilac. I found it interesting that the lilac was considered to be part of the olive family of plants since my mother’s name was Olive.)

I love sweet-smelling flowers
In spring and all year long,
And if I were a lilac bush,
I would sing this song:

Though my name is Common Lilac,
I am special to my Lord,
As are all parts of His creation,
As are you, O child of God.

With lovely leaves and flower clusters
And fragrance light and sweet,
I lay bowls of adoration
And bouquets of praises at His feet.

A branch of Olive’s fruitful family,
Grafted into the true Vine,
I’m pruned by the Master Gardener
To bring forth the life divine.

I need the winter’s chilling
So I can bloom in spring.
At the end of sorrow’s blowing,
There will be more honor for my King.

I lift my arms up to His sunshine.
My feet dig in His rich soil.
His birds perch on my fingers,
And we bring music to God’s world.

Copyright Tricia Opitz 7/31/10

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