Remember to Forget Regrets

A lot of regrets have plagued me over the years, and some of them came up as I walked and meditated on Jesus’ teaching about God in John 14-17. I wondered if God would help me feel better about those things. After all, those feelings didn’t seem to be interfering with my life, so maybe they weren’t important.

But I remembered the day that God had helped me with some other feelings over 25 years ago. Back then Id struggled with guilt over a particular sin for 4 years. I’d talked to people who reassured me that I was forgiven or that what I had done wasn’t really a sin after all. Or I would tell myself those same things. I could push the guilt away then, but it always came back. Finally on that day, I cried out to Father God, “How can I get rid of this guilt?” And God answered! He placed thoughts in my mind through His Spirit which led me to true repentance and helped me receive the forgiveness He so freely offered.

Now 25+ years later I was reminded of foolish choices and mistakes that weren’t sinful, but instead just regrettable. I sat down and wrote in my notebook about 7 of them and told God that I thought they were keeping me from focusing on Him. Then this thought occurred to me, “Actually all these actions (or inactions) that I’m regretting illustrate what a poor job I did in trying to control my own life.” In March of 1983, I started learning to yield control of my life to Jesus. (I’ve found it’s a learning process. It doesn’t happen all at once.)

So instead of continuing to chide myself, I decided that the time had come to choose with Paul to forget the past and look ahead, straining “to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven.” (Philippians 3:13-14 New Living Translation)

Copyright Tricia Opitz 8/6/10


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