Love Song for Jesus’ Birthday

Jesus, I love You, for You first loved me.

You left infinite glory, a poor baby to be.

You loved us whom You created. Oh how unworthy are we!

Our almighty Creator stepped down for shepherds to see!

You came though You knew You would die on a cross.

You came still to save us from eternal loss.

Your grace, love and mercy brought You down to us here,

And You overcame death so we need no longer fear.

When You died on the cross, You took our sins to the grave,

And You left them there when You rose up in three days.

All who receive You find You’re the truth, life, and way.

Such wonderful love we could never repay!

So accept now our homage, our thanks and our praise.

We give You all we are for now and always.

Cause me to remember each day for all time

That You stooped to my rescue, and salvation is mine.


© Tricia Opitz Jan.-Dec. 2010



Filed under Holidays, Poems and Songs

2 responses to “Love Song for Jesus’ Birthday

  1. Most of the times blogs are the same but i think that your blog can be an exception. Grats !

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