At salvation, we are declared righteous, i.e. not guilty, in right standing with God. We are headed for heaven as our final destiny.

But we also start the process of righteousness at that point. That process involves being made right from the inside out by God. We begin and continue being transformed by the renewing of our minds, submitting to God’s work as He heals all the brokenness of our lives, little by little.

Unrighteousness is not functioning properly or not doing what something was designed to do. We weren’t designed for sin and failure and being hurt. Those things injure and scar us. Righteousness is God’s coming in and dealing with the bondages and scars in us so they don’t continue to wound and destroy as they have in the past.

To let the process of righteousness continue, we put on the belt of truth—quit hiding and making excuses. We must deal with the truth; then God can fix the broken parts.

Today I thought of my mind as a desktop with my soul as the desk underneath.  I can de-clutter my desktop (at least somewhat) by taking care of the obvious things that bother me. As God continues His work of righteousness in me, He asks me to open those overstuffed desk drawers where I’ve hidden my failures, pride, sins, longings, hurts, etc. so He can clean them out. He invites me to face the truth so He can make me righteous, turning my soul “right-side up” so I can love Him and others as He designed me to do.

If we confess, He forgives and cleanses from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).

Quick Thought: My soul seems like a tangled ball of miscellaneous yarns. Little by little, God is separating the strands and weaving them into a tapestry pleasing to Him.

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