Want to Come to the Party?

There was no formal invitation, but as I started a task that would eventually involve interaction with another person, I felt afraid to talk with that person. About that time, Satan offered me a comfy chair and arranged pillows in it. I sat down, and he said, “Hey, let’s have a party—a pity party!” I looked around and saw that he had invited lots of Grumblies who quickly pulled me into their chatter.

We started with a game called “Remember.” It began with someone saying, “Remember when you were doing something together with that person, and the interaction was so-o painful?” Someone else added, “Yeah, and remember this? That really hurt!” Another one chimed in, “Oh and remember what a bad experience you had that one time. You surely don’t want that to happen again!”

The game went on for a while until time for “de-freshments.” We had “Woe is me!” and “You poor thing,” followed by “You shouldn’t have to go through such awful things!”

We were about to go into another game called, “Who Should We Blame?” when suddenly the door slammed open, and there stood Jesus. With His eyes piercing my soul, He said, “Child, get away from these unsavory characters, and come home with Me right now!” Then He looked around and commanded, “You ruffians scat! Pronto! I don’t want to see you hanging around here again.”

Then Jesus put His arm around me, and we started back toward His path. He admonished me, “Keep looking at Me and trust in My sovereignty and love for you. Don’t be afraid to do what I say because I’m always with you.”


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