Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Now’s a good time for us to rejoice

About all God’s done. Come lift up your voice,

And let us focus on the One who was dead

And came back to life just as He said!

And let’s celebrate—Resurrection Sunday!


It wasn’t a chicken who died on the cross,

And a rabbit didn’t pay redemption’s cost.

So unless these critters came to worship the Lord,

Maybe we should leave ‘em outside the church door

While we celebrate—Resurrection Sunday!


Bunnies and baskets, and chicks—lots of fun!

But don’t let them obscure the One

Who could’ve called angels, the cross to escape,

But suffered instead to open heaven’s gate.

We will celebrate—Resurrection Sunday!


Jesus is Savior, Messiah, and Lord.

I came to worship. Is that what you’re here for?

Come, let us praise Him, Jesus our king.

Justice meets mercy. Let the melodies ring!

And let’s celebrate—Resurrection Sunday!


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