Joy of Connection/Loving God

The Joy of Connection

At age 8, my granddaughter entertains herself easily. So during the first day or two of her brief stay with us this summer, I tended to get busy with routine things of life instead of taking time to connect with her. Finally I came to my senses and thought about how much I enjoy that connection. Then I made the effort to spend time with her, doing what she likes.

In the same way, I want to remember to put aside everyday life more so I can spend time with our heavenly Father, talking with Him about what pleases Him and doing the things He chooses for me to do. My joy is completed as I connect with God.

“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence…. (Psalm 16:11*)”  “When you obey me [Jesus], you remain in my love…. I have told you this so that you will be filled with my joy…. (John 15:10-11*)”

Loving God with All I Am

Lord Jesus, I want to be yielded to You

In all that I think or say or do,

For You are my helper, my strength and my shield.

You are soul-satisfier and all that I need.

Let all of my thoughts, Lord, be pleasing to You,

Thinking what’s lovely and good and true.

Then all my actions will follow in kind.

Yes, I will love You with all of my mind.

From out of our hearts, our mouths will speak.

Please work in me Lord. Make me pure and clean.

Teach me to love You with all that I am

That I may bring glory to Your great, precious name.

Each day as I live, in all that I do

Let me bring honor, Lord, unto You.

As I obey You, Your joy fills my soul!

Living for You, Jesus, I become whole.

Today, Lord, I want to fit into Your plans,

For there’s nothing anywhere that’s out of Your hands.

The things and those people I thought I had to control

Are best left to You, Lord. This truth I now know.

Mark 12:29-30 “Jesus replied, ‘The most important commandment is this: “Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord.  And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.”’” *

*New Living Translation


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One response to “Joy of Connection/Loving God

  1. I love how God uses the ordinary in our lives to teach us more about ourselves and Him. May we all take the time to nourish our relationship with Him and others.
    Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and giving it a pingback.
    Keep the Faith!

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