Teach Me to Pray

When my anger flares inside,

And in frustration I abide,

And my hopes and dreams have died,

Teach me to pray.

When my burden seems too greatPraying hands 1

I think that You, Lord, are running late,

I rush in to manipulate,

Oh, let me pray!


Teach me to pray! I need to pray,

Morning or night, or through the day.

For when I pray, You light the way.

Lord Jesus, please teach me to pray!


When it’s my fears that rule the day

And lead me down a wrong pathway,

Please calm my anxious heart and say,

“Dear child, just pray.”

Teach me to pray, “Thy will be done,”

And that Your kingdom, Lord, would come

In our world and in our homes.

Yes, Lord, I’ll pray

(This is a song I wrote in June 2006. I found it when I was cleaning out clutter the other day.)


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3 responses to “Teach Me to Pray

  1. Beautiful prayer (and song). I love how you put pictures for the blogs you follow….very cool. God bless you my sis!

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