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Here’s a book review by Dominic Statham from which I found interesting. The reviewed book is The Rage Against God by Peter Hitchens and the review title is “Intolerance of New Atheists.”


May 15, 2013 · 3:12 pm

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  1. Thank you Tricia for sharing this link, having ministered to Atheists I found it very interesting and very True. They use to say to me there is no God but then add later that He is responsible for all the evil that happens in the world, sadly some Christians say the same or that He willingly allows our suffering to teach us. It was very hard remaining unattached from their abuse but strangely it was not my idea to be in this Website, the same as Ministering to Cult members and Ex- Cult members and also with Blogging in America, it just happened.

    At first I didn’t know I was on an Atheist Blog and seeing a Religious section headed for it not realizing it was meant for putting God and Christians down but before they blocked me I had written about 700 comments. God assured me He had His reasons for bringing me there and as I look back I realize that I was blessed because in standing up for God with His Truth, I not only planted good seeds but I was strengthened and like when I Blog now The Lord teaches me His Truth even as I write.

    I would love to share Tricia my first comment with you on this Atheist Website, it has a lot of detail but it confirms your link which talked about Atheists claiming Christians are abusing Children by telling them about God, I can’t add a comment on the link as the Police told me after someone used my identity and brought a Mazda car in my name, not to give out my personal details on the Internet, which means I’m limited in what I can do now, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc although with these I did not realize we can add security and so I was abused too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne

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