Keep on Practicing

Psalm 38:4 and 18 “My guilt overwhelms me —it is a burden too heavy to bear…. 18 But I confess my sins; I am deeply sorry for what I have done.” New Living Translation
In a recent sermon, the pastor said that when we practice, sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we get it wrong, but we get better. I thought of a few particular times in my life when I “got it wrong”—very wrong. I had caused hurt to others that I felt greatly sorry about and wished I could go back and make right. Of course I can’t, and I’ve often let Satan beat me up with those memories.

Now Romans 8:1 says that there’s no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh (body). I used to think, Well, but when I get it wrong, I’m not walking by the Spirit. When I did those things I regret so much, I was just acting out of my own self-centeredness, not because of following Jesus. But, if practice means that sometimes I get it wrong, and sometimes I get it right, but I’m getting better, then I’m learning by practice. So there’s no condemnation when I mess up, even really blow it, because I’m in Christ Jesus, and I’m practicing living in accordance with Holy Spirit direction. I’m not saying that I don’t need to ask for forgiveness for my wrong-doing—I do. However, I don’t have to let guilt kick me around anymore.

I’m still sad about those things I did that caused damage, but I can learn from them. I can keep on practicing following Jesus. What a relief!Praying woman 2
Lord Jesus, when memories come back to me I’ll bring each one to You.
–Where there is sin, let me turn from it.
–If there’s a lesson, I want to learn it.
–When it drives me closer to You, then I yearn for it.
–If You speak a word to me through it, may I discern it!
And by Your grace I’ll take Your yoke on me and learn of You and find rest for my soul. (Matthew 11:29)



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3 responses to “Keep on Practicing

  1. Hi Trica, like you I can’t go back and undo the wrong I did when I was in darkness, but we have been set free from the Slavery of sin and can choose not to sin and no Temptation will be greater then we can bear but we can’t do it in our flesh it must be put to death. The Holy Spirit after we choose not to sin empowers us not to until we are perfected in Love, which is what we are to aim for as Paul said, to say we will continue to sin, is not reckoning we are dead to sin, as God asks us to do. This is not referring to our weakness and shortcomings, we all have them God will mould and shape us.

    I’m going to write a Post soon about my fall into sin and how Jesus the good Shepard rescued me, although a member of a Church I was still in darkness, until I came to heart repentance and then having asked and received God’s wisdom, Jesus is teaching me by the empowering of The Holy Spirit, His Truth.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I was mainly talking about the times in my life when, even though I was a true follower of Christ and child of God, I thought I was doing right but realized later that I’d done wrong or when I’d convinced myself that my choice was really “okay” instead of actual sin or some other time when I failed to say “yes” to God’s way and “no” to my way. Perhaps you understood that already, but I wasn’t sure.

    I’m sure your personal account of heart repentance and Jesus’ rescue will be a blessing to many.
    Richest blessings,

    • Hi Tricia I’m pleased you realise the difference from sin and weaknesses and shortcomings, yes until we are perfected in Love we have an advocate who intercedes for us, Jesus Christ but we still need to come to heart repentance, so we are not in darkness, which means we no longer choose to sin and so we don’t sin through the empowering of The Holy Spirit, no where in Scripture does it tell us that we continue to sin till we die, it says the opposite, when we are perfected in God’s Love we can’t sin His, Love is pure.

      I’m having trouble Posting, WordPress have changed the settings again which is preventing me from previewing my Posts, I just wrote again to them but I’m still waiting for an answer from last time I contacted them. Hopefully I will be able to Post soon and I’m sure you will find that you will have assurance, that what you may think is sin is not and the wonderful freedom we have in Jesus not to sin.

      Thanks for sharing Tricia I love your openness and honesty, if I misunderstood you I’m sorry, I’m still recovering from another fall after a friendly dog jumped on me and I fell and hurt my knee again but I did have a good rest in Hospital and nothing is broken although I’m having more tests tomorrow to be sure as I’m still in pain and it is very swollen and I can’t walk.

      Take Care Christian Love – Anne

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