They Shall See God


Dear Father, Jesus said in Matthew 5:8 (New King James), “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” I want to be pure in heart like the disciple Nathaniel in whom there was no deceit. (John 1:47)
However, I remember that silver and gold are purified with fire, and for You to make me pure in heart might take considerable fire in the form of struggles and adversity. I used to think that when I prayed about things, You would sort of “zap” me, and the problem would be fixed. For example, I wanted You to just miraculously smooth out my turbulent emotions.
But now I don’t think that You’re much into zapping. I heart flower wreathsuppose if You did just “fix” me, I’d keep on defaulting to self-pity and anger when my will was crossed, when I made a mistake, or when I was criticized or thought I’d been misunderstood.
So instead of taking care of what I see as the problem, You want to expose my sinful attitudes and the lies I believe. They form the support structures of the emotional roller coaster I ride on. As these things are brought to light, they can be broken down  so I can have the pure heart I desire. My stability will come as I draw close to You.
Please help me remember when the fires burn that You are purifying me. Amen.


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