Harmony isn’t just a “Dating site”

Really liked this post, especially the reminder that if we will seek Him, Jesus will walk us through turmoil.

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

What is harmony?  Peace, unity, order, a pleasing combination of elements in a whole.
An agreement made or balance of a suitable arrangement.
It is a working together in friendship or cooperation. linus

What is disharmony besides the opposite of harmony? It is the state of being deranged or lacking in orderliness. It is also conflict, strife, warfare,disunity or dissension.

If Heaven has only harmony, then could it be much of man’s difficulties come from disharmony?

We have constant disconnects, confusion, and cry over lack as if there is no abundance when God makes it clear he has plenty of everything to go around. (Philippians 4:19) He created the earth with more provisions than man would ever need for every person who will ever inhabit it until the end of the age.  That being said, man in his selfish habits and greed once again manage to “muck it all…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog! I am having to use a very old, old laptop because the only one we had left almost crashed and is in for repair. It has been a week since I was able to check wordpress. I have ordered a new Dell and can’t wait to get it! Thanks again!

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