Thanksgiving Praises

Lord, You’ve filled our lives with blessing on blessing:
Life overflowing, abundant and true;
Love that is growing and peace everlasting,
The delight of Your presence and mercies ever new.

Only in You, Lord, can we find life worth living.
Thank You for drawing us so we will seek You,
We bless Your great Name with hearts of thanksgiving.
We praise and thank You for all that You do.

And someday we’ll join in the heavenly chorus.
In that day, our journey on earth will be o’er,
And we’ll still have eternity always before us.
Lord, we’ll sing Your praises forever more.



Filed under Christian, Holidays, Poems and Songs, Wonderful God

4 responses to “Thanksgiving Praises

  1. Carla

    Your writings are always a blessing and very inspirational. Love your Thanksgiving poem.

  2. A beautiful Thanksgiving to The Lord , Thank you Tricia

    Christian Love from us both Always – Anne

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