Wise Men

Excellent post by Lori Schultz telling the account of the magi’s visit to Bethlehem and reminding us of the purpose of Jesus’ coming.

Lori Schulz

English: The three wise men, Santa Maria in Tr...

It’s always neat to hear the story of the wise men at Christmas time.

The wise men saw a special star shining brightly in the sky the night that Jesus was born.  They knew it meant something important, but they didn’t know what.  Until they did some research.  As they studied they learned that the star marked the coming of a new King.  When they realized how special this new King was, that He was the one that God had promised to send to show everyone in the world how much God loves them, they wanted to go see Him.  They were willing to do whatever it took to find that baby that was born to be King.  They packed up their things and followed the star for months.  And months.  And months.  They kept following that star in the sky.  Until finally the star was above them and they…

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