Silence really is Golden

A beautiful post by Naphtali.

Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

God is so powerful that when we sit in silence with him, he gently rubs off on us. 

Words do not always need to be spoken; only an atmosphere of his supernatural presence will

heed our cries for mercy or healing. The more we endeavor to place ourselves before his

throne, the more his characteristics become ours. When you feel you aren’t hearing from him

remember he shed his blood for you; he then sent to his followers the gracious gift of the

Holy Spirit. So when it appears to be too quiet realize he is spilling himself over you and through you.

But what happens afterwards is every person we encounter will also receive this “breeze” of

freshness; the breath of his companionship.

Harvest the peacefulness of silence; then wait for the wind to blow.

You will know his Kingdom just passed by.

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2 responses to “Silence really is Golden

  1. You’re welcome. It is one of Naphtali’s best, I think.
    Blessings back to you.

  2. This is excellent!!! Thanks for sharing it! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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