Psalm of a Booklover

cat w-books--dover    Books are treasures. Books are friends.
But if you want real life that never ends,
Come to Jesus, the one true Word
He’s the greatest news you’ve ever heard.
He’s God with us, come as a man.
He lived to fulfill His Father’s plan.
On Calvary’s cross, He took our sin,
So we can have true life that will never end.jesus-christ-w- crown in glory--purple-other colors



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4 responses to “Psalm of a Booklover

  1. Such a good focus in your poem Tricia and very True, Jesus is The Living Word and He alone guides us into all Truth and uses the inspired Scriptures to confirm His Truth, even showing us man’s translation errors in them. He also through the empowering of The Holy Spirit gives us knowledge that we can share with others and they with us.

    Being Dyslectic I use to read up to 5 books a week, it was how I learnt to read and write and I loved reading True stories and History, although sometimes I did read popular books, that promised much but delivered little.

    When I became a Christian, I changed to Christian books and Devotions but mostly now I read the Bible and Bloggers Posts and have been greatly blessed by both. I Love singing too Tricia, do you?

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

    • Yes Anne, I like to sing. I grew up in an evangelical church and learned a lot of hymns. When I was a young teen, a pastor/choir director taught me how to sing the alto part to the hymns, and I loved doing that. Now though, the songs at church are more the modern style that I have trouble singing along with. I still love the hymns, so I started a little group that sings at a nursing home once a month, and we sing the old hymns I grew up with. I can’t sing alto on them, though, because I have to lead and because I need accompaniment (like piano or keyboard), which we don’t have, to sing that part.

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