One God Three Persons…what u need 2 know

Excellent explanation of the triune nature of God.

God Speaks I Listen

1 trinity best

How special is our God?

He is ONE GOD!  He is the ONLY one of His kind!!!!!!!!!!

God is only one God whose presence contains 3 distinct supernatural persons.

Each one of these persons has a direct effect in your life.

You should have developed a relationship with them and you should know each one of them intimately.

You should know them separately and as one.

You should not try to dwell on the fact of 3 persons in one but understand that this is a mystery and this information is beyond your human ability to comprehend God’s unique nature.

You can’t feel alone when you know THEY are watching over us.  We have a Father, a Savior and a comforter/guide.

What does this teach us?  That He’s not your average god…He is the SUPREME GOD and there is no other being like Him in the entire universe!!!!  It’s our…

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