Link to Did Jesus Really Come to Bring Peace on Earth?

I’m just now reading Pastor Tom’s Christmas sermon,


It focused on Jesus’ mother Mary and really got me thinking. What a price Mary paid to submit to God’s will and plan! Oh that I would have such humility, trust, and submissive spirit! What a crown she must have!

The sermon reminded me of the hymn, “I Gave My Life for Thee”-

The song talks about what Jesus gave up to ransom me and the glory He left in order that I might have eternal life with the triune God. It asks what I’ve given up or left for Jesus. I look at how I’ve lived, and I’m afraid that all too often I’ve clung to my comfort or “walked according to my flesh” instead of according to the Spirit. So I asked for God’s forgiveness and prayed that through the mighty power of His Holy Spirit working in me, He would change me. I asked Him to teach me the humility and sacrificial love of Christ.


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