Excellent sermon by Pastor Tom.

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Healing in this life, or making this life better somehow, is ultimately meaningless unless we respond to Jesus in faith. Jesus is focused on the eternal person, the spiritual person. That’s where his priority is, and I think that is where our priorities should be also.

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 Matthew #30 . Matthew 9:1-8

This time, we will take the incident with the paralyzed man and his friends. Mark and Luke include the detail that the paralytic man’s friends couldn’t get him through the crowd, so they lowered him from the roof to set him in front of Jesus. Once again, there is no reason to assume that this contradicts Matthew. Matthew often omits details supplied by Luke…

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4 responses to “WHY DOES JESUS HEAL?

  1. Yes I did notice Tricia that you are a very Loving woman and that you are faithful to take an interest in others, as you seek to share the Hope we have in The Lord Jesus, I see this faithfulness both in your Posts and with your response to your comments, it’s not all about you.

    I appreciate those who do the same as you Tricia and continue to follow them because than I know what they share is of True value, otherwise it is just words without a solid foundation. Love is an action and has the best foundation to build on and is shown in all areas of our lives, I have been blessed to witness this good foundation in others who Blog including you my Spiritual Sister and it is what I look for now when I Blog and I seek to Live it too.

    Thanks again – Anne

  2. Thank you Tricia for sharing Pastor Tom’s message, I have left a comment and a link on his Blog but I do appreciate that you share other Bloggers messages as you have also done with mine, giving encouragement and support, I’m sure like me they feel blessed that you have do this in Love.

    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne

    • When I read a really good post from other bloggers, I like to pass it on because I believe others might be blessed or helped by the same things that bless or help me. Pastor Tom is one of my favorites, and you’ve probably noticed I reblog his sermons often.
      Anne, I love your closing, especially the “our Unity in Christ Jesus.”
      God bless you my friend,

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