Hope Amid Anxiety

In addition to this blog, I have started a second blog called “Journey toward Wholeness” in which I share about my experience in dealing with a 4-month bout with anxiety problems. This is a re-blog of my first post there:

From “Journey Toward Wholeness,” https://journey1617.wordpress.com/

“In this blog, I ‘m sharing mostly about the battle I faced when medication problems threw me into a bout with anxiety late last year.  Because many people struggle with depression/anxiety, I’m hoping these accounts of my feelings, thoughts, and the help God has given me may benefit someone. [I’ll continue the “Tricia’s Journal Jots Blog” with general posts.]

I’ve had difficulty with depression and anxiety for much of my life. (They often go together.) For me, medicine, counseling, and other therapies have helped. God is to be praised for all the help I received because He is behind it all. He is the source of every good thing. I have tried at times to function without the medicine, hoping that extra Bible reading or more prayer would take care of my problems. But I couldn’t do it. Speaking from experience, I can say that drawing near to God is a wonderful thing, but getting chemical imbalances corrected with medicine can also make a big difference.

I remarked once that God could just heal me, and I wouldn’t need medicine. My pastor reminded me that God could heal my eyes too, and I wouldn’t need glasses, but that wasn’t God’s priority work in my life right now. So I decided to thank God that medicines have been developed to help with the problems I have. I’m also very thankful for the many people who prayed for me and loved me through this most recent struggle.



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6 responses to “Hope Amid Anxiety

  1. Very True Tricia all good things come from God and Healing is very good regardless of the tools He uses. Medicine and natural remedies come from His Creation and He gives Doctors Wisdom to know how to help us too but yes He also Heals Miraculously when needed, with me a few of the times He did this was because there was no other way, I would not have lived but at other times like with you He mostly used and still uses Medicine and Doctors but I also give Him the Thanks.

    So pleased your still Blogging , Blessings – Anne.

  2. And blessings to you also, Anne.

  3. You know I had suffered with this also and was healed. I thank God for the healing because I know that for many people this is a life long battle. I have a physical disability and I have not been healed yet from that. I thank God for His grace that has allowed me to make it through my trials. Last week on Focus on the Family Joni Earkson Tata had a life changing talk on her disability. It was called…”When God allows suffering”. It was only $1.99 download. I tell you it tuned me right up in dealing with suffering.

    I pray that the Lord heals you and fills you full of His amazing grace Tricia. In Jesus name. Thank you for being my blog friend and for being always encouraging and supportive.

  4. Thanks for responding, Tanya. Yes, I read your posts about how God gave you healing for the depression/anxiety. I rejoice with you in that. Thank you for your prayers for me. I also was aware of your suffering from that physical disability, and I pray for healing and strength in it. I’m so glad God gives us grace for every trial!. For me in the anxiety, His grace has come mostly in the form of medication to get the brain chemicals balanced. However, He also gave me daily grace when I was advised to go off the meds and before they took effect after I was back on them. That daily grace included music, His Word, an understanding and encouraging pastor, and love and prayers of others.

    God has used your posts to help and encourage me in my Christian life. I’m so glad we’re blog friends!

    Love and prayers for you, my friend and sister in the Lord.

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