My blogging friend, Tanya Nemley, offers these excellent words for our troubled times.

God Speaks I Listen

disasters 4

(This blog is a copy of a pamphlet I recently wrote and had 1,000 printed.  I hand these out to people I meet and leave them everywhere.)disasters

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, fires, mass killings, accidents and so on. At this point many are asking the question “what is going on?” After 9/11 many people flocked to their house of worship to find out what in the world is happening and is this the end. After the initial shock wore off it was back to usual from spiritual seeking. Since that time the list of disasters is so long that it’s surreal. If you’re reading this pamphlet you might be a follower of one of the 4,000 plus religions around the world or you might be an atheist. I can only speak to you about my own religion. There is a prediction in the New Testament of the Holy Bible that explains…

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