Come Rejoice With Me

Regrets came knocking again the other day, and I struggled with guilt and shame. Father, I wonder how You even put up with me, let alone love me! Over and over I’ve listened to doubt instead of to You and missed the blessings Your love offered.

Nevertheless, You once more saw my distress and spoke peace to me. You brought Scriptures to mind along with hymns I learned as a youth. Then you sang this little chorus to my heart with a familiar melody:

Underneath Christ's blood, underneath His blood, 
All my sins and failures are underneath His blood.
Come rejoice with me! We can all be free
When we place our sins and failures underneath the blood.

Thank You, God, for being so patient with me! You are so gracious and merciful! I love You, Lord, because of Your amazing love.


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6 responses to “Come Rejoice With Me

  1. Wonderful Tricia, you spoke through layers of my heart. As a youth, a godly family brought me to Pioneer Girls, a Christian organization. Their songs and teachings pressed deep in my heart, resounding later into my adulthood.
    “You brought Scriptures to mind along with hymns I learned as a youth.” So very true, nothing is wasted when given thru the Holy Spirit.
    Press on dear sister!

    • I’m so glad the post spoke to you. God is so good to use every part of our experience in life to help us. Praise the Lord for His wonderful works to and for us! Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Terry L Brown

    Amrn, Tricia. I am proud of you, of your honesty, your openess, your humility. But I am most proud of you because of your complete devotion and deep love for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. And He is proud of you too.

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