Blog Page 3 Complete

Journey Toward Wholeness Reblogs Note:

I have added all 20 “Journal Toward Wholeness Reblogs” posts to Page 3 of this blog ( ) The page begins with links to my first 2 re-blog posts:

“Hope Amid Anxiety” and

“The Journey Begins.”

Then the full texts of 18 re-blog posts follow:

“God Sends Comfort”

“Stepping Stones in the Valley”

“More Stepping Stones”

“Guilty or Not Guilty”

“Prayers in the Valley” and

“Too Late?”

“Encouragement for the Anxious”

“Hope in God”

“Learning in the Struggle”

“Value on the Journey”

“In His Hands”

“Healing Can Begin”

“Still Learning”

“Making Progress”

“Another Day on the Journey”

“I Believe–Help My Unbelief”

“Danger! Comparison Quicksand!”

and a final note:

“Page 3 Complete.”

I hope you’ll take a fresh look at the completed page.

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