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Article by Ricky Paris

This excellent article by Ricky Paris of Vision International Ministries came in an e-mail from my uncle. I received permission to reprint it in my blog.

Now that the emotions of the election seem to have subsided a bit, let me make an observation.
The early Christians were in the minority and were surrounded by pagans and idolatry. Their world was not much different than ours. Homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion were very common. Immorality and drug and alcohol abuse were rampant. In addition, those early believers were persecuted, stoned, imprisoned, and killed for their faith in Jesus. Many others lost their possessions, their jobs, and their pensions for their faith.

In spite of the hostile environment the Christians faced, within 100 years Christianity had spread from its cradle in Israel all the way west into Spain and had reached as far east as China, as far south as Africa, and was pressing toward the north of Europe. Before the end of the third century an eastern empire had converted to Christianity and by the opening years of the fourth century the Roman Empire embraced Christianity.

Amazingly the believers made these tremendous advances without economic resources, without political support, without military power, and without Christian schools. They did it because they had a simple faith in God and a simple awareness of their purpose here on earth. They carried the DNA of the king (which is agape) and turned their world upside down. They did not whine and they did not hide out in a Christian bubble.

To all you Christians out there, this can be our finest hour. Stop drinking the Kool-aid of a political party and drink from the river of life. Stop listening to the political pundits and listen to what the Spirit is saying. Get out of your bubble and shine in the midst of the darkness–and the last time I checked, the darkness cannot overcome the light. The result is not that you will win an election, but that heaven will begin to invade your world–and it will become a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

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