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No Complaint Desk?

Philippians 2:14a Amplified says, “Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining….” My default mode seems to be faultfinding. No matter how good something is, I can usually find something wrong with it.

woman at bookcase-030But one Tuesday as I did my work in the school library, I chose a different path. I remembered this scripture, so when I’d start to think I wish these kids would write more legibly, I’d remind myself to do my work without faultfinding or complaining. And whatever my grumbly thought (like, Why don’t they write down the numbers?!), I’d remind myself of the same thing.
As I continued this during the day, I thought about how we parents are pleased when our children do what we’ve told them to do. I believed that by obeying His Word, I was pleasing our heavenly Father. I noticed that as I tried to do things that pleased Him, I reduced my own tendency toward depression.

Even though I’ve retired from working in a school library, I want to continue to try to please God in all I do.


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