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Thanksgiving in August?

Thnksgv cornucopia 2       Advertisers love to proclaim Christmas in July so we’ll buy more stuff. Now how about Thanksgiving in August? The official Thanksgiving holiday is over 3 months away, but I’ve decided to celebrate God’s goodness a few months early. After all, giving thanks to the Lord is always in season.
Let me share one of the things God has used to help me escape and stay out of the pit of a negative outlook on life. About a year and a half ago, our pastor challenged us to write down at least one thing we were thankful for each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I accepted the challenge, and wrote a few items down daily for which I was thankful. I decided not to stop at Christmas and have been keeping up my “thanksgiving journal” ever since. I’ve experienced much more of the Lord’s joy since starting this practice.
I hope you have never fallen into ugly habits like whining, complaining and self-pit-y, but they have been too much a part of my personal past. I do praise and thank God and also thank my pastor for helping me start this one simple thing that has made such a difference in my life.

“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15, New Living Translation)

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I’m just now getting a chance to read Pastor Tom’s Thanksgiving sermon, and even though it’s after Thanksgiving, I’m re-blogging it since I believe it’s a timely message for any time of year.

Clear Bible


Giving thanks is a way to really take hold of, and receive, what God has done and who he is. It is a key component in faith, grace and peace.

To listen to the sermon, click the play button:

To download, right click on the link (or do whatever you do on a Mac) and save it to your computer: Download Thanksgiving 2014 Sermon


Thanksgiving has become an American holiday and tradition, but it does originate from deep, Christian spiritual roots. One of the things that I find interesting is that many of significant Thanksgiving celebrations early in the history of America took place in the middle of very difficult times.

The “original thanksgiving” took place in the New England settlement of Pilgrims during the sixteen-hundreds. It is true that at the time they celebrated, they had a good harvest. But they had just gone through an incredibly difficult…

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Thanksgiving Day Reblog

Yes, how wonderful that we Americans do have Thanksgiving Day set aside to thank the Lord who has heaped blessings upon blessings on us. Unfortunately, much of Thanksgiving is now overshadowed by focus on financial gain or getting the best deals, to wit, Black Friday to Cyber Monday, starting the sales Thanksgiving morning or even the week before and ending some time around New Year’s Day. Nevertheless, for those of us who still remember that Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks to God and that Jesus is the reason for the Season, these days acknowledged are great reminders of the One from whom everything good comes. Thanks Anne for this excellent post.


One Thanksgiving Day a family was seated around their table, looking at the annual holiday Turkey. From the oldest to the youngest, they were to express their praise.WdWhen they came to the 8-year-old in the family, he began by looking at the turkey and expressing his thanks to the turkey, saying although he had not tasted it he knew it would be good.WdAfter that rather novel expression of thanksgiving, he began with a more predictable line of credits, thanking his mother for cooking the turkey and his father for buying the turkey. But then he went beyond that. He joined together a whole hidden multitude of benefactors, linking them with cause and effect.WdHe said, “I thank you for the Checker at the grocery store who checked out the turkey. I thank you for the grocery store people who put it on the shelf. I thank you for…

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Thanksgiving Praises

Lord, You’ve filled our lives with blessing on blessing:
Life overflowing, abundant and true;
Love that is growing and peace everlasting,
The delight of Your presence and mercies ever new.

Only in You, Lord, can we find life worth living.
Thank You for drawing us so we will seek You,
We bless Your great Name with hearts of thanksgiving.
We praise and thank You for all that You do.

And someday we’ll join in the heavenly chorus.
In that day, our journey on earth will be o’er,
And we’ll still have eternity always before us.
Lord, we’ll sing Your praises forever more.


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